Monitor Blues: Advice Needed

Here's my dilemma...

I've been using an ancient relic of a CRT monitor for an embarrassingly long while, and if finally bit the dust a while back. Fortunately I had b-day coming up, and I've got the chance to pick up a new monitor, but I have a budget cap of $200.

I'm generally pretty decent at choosing pc components, etc, to buy, have built my own systems for as long as I can remember, blah blah blah. However, it seems as though, in the low budget category at least, there isn't much reliable, up to date information on good choices for monitors. Why oh why does tom's not have a "best monitors for the $$$" article like they do for other components? :(

In any case, I would be thrilled to get some recommendations on monitors up to $200 that would be a good choice. I realize at this price I'm not going to be getting anything great, but I'd love to at least shoot for 'least crappy.' Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. Depends on how big you want to go, Response time, And all the fancy stuff. Im not so goo at picking out monitors, and I have actually found this monitor that im using in the trash (1080p 21inch hp HD 2159m) lol. Newegg usally got a good deal on monitors, but remember the biger the monitor the more they cost.

    good monitor for under $200
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