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Monitor flickerig to black


About every minute or two my monitor goes black for about a second.

I need to tell computing services what is wrong so that they can swap out the part (that is all they know how to do).

I suspect the monitor, it is a no name (Great Wall brand) LCD that is about five years old.

I recently installed Windows 7 and do not remember if it was doing this before the upgrade.

What it really comes down to is, should I suspect the monitor, a OS setting, or the Video card (I am using the on motherboard video).
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    A five year old monitor from a random Chinese company that nobody has ever heard of, and which doesn't even appear to still exist. There's your problem. Go buy something of decent quality.
  2. Well, I submitted the problem. I got a response back that someone should come over from Computing Services mid-late February and, "have a look at it."

    Edited to add: Someone from Computing Services was going to an office just down the hall from me and brought me a new monitor (Asus v193wv). The problem seems to be solved.
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