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My 620 Watt Antec PSU

Will it run my build?

Asrock P67 Mobo
HD 6870
12'' cold cathode x 2
200mm x 3 fans + 120mmx2 fans All led fans that can have led turned off
17 in 1 media card reader
16gb corsair veng ram
Coolermaster Hyper N 520 HSF
TP link wireless usb adapter
Logitech 17 watt speakers.
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  1. Best answer
  2. you only need around 520 watts
  3. So if I get a 750 watt, i should be able to crossfire another 6870?
  4. yes the 750 watt should do.
  5. and what psu would the 750 watt be?
  6. Best answer selected by Demar3214.
  7. Thanks for the fast replies!
  8. Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-750 750W
  9. O I meant to select best answer by you, can I undo that
  10. i was the only one that answered they were all me(so i still got best anwser) and no you cannot undo that. and that is a good psu brand. just wanted to make sure because you needed more watts you did not cheap out on psu.
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