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Hey , im currently using a Phenom 560 black edition and am wondering whether i can get a significant upgrade for around the £120 price zone. i can add a bit more onto that price range but anything around that.

Im using a 990-xa motherboard so it supports amd3+ i think it was.

for this price range is there a significant upgrade as this cpu will be used mainly for gaming

Thanks for any reply's and suggestiions
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  1. u can try to get a Phenom II x4 975, or maybe even an FX 6200 :)

    Or maybe u can just sell off ur current rig, and get a new LGA 1155/Core i5 build :D
  2.,3106-5.html If you go up to the Phenom 955/965 you could overclock and see real nice performance difference -

    Here is a chart showing some results in skyrim - overclocked cpus,3120-3.html
  3. DO me a favor and do not get the FX-6200/6100. They are not true 6 cores, Triple cores were even eating this thing alive.

    Phenom II x4 955BE $99.99

    Phenom II x4 965BE $109.99

    Phenom II x4 970BE $125.90

    Pick and choose, good luck!! They all overclock the same btw.

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