Zip100s and LS-120s

Does anyone out there know how Iomega Zip100s and/or Superdisk LS-120s actually work? I seem to be able to find specifications on seek times, weights, etc., but nothing ever says how the disk loads in the bay, how heads are positioned, and that kind of information.

Basically, I am looking to find out how data is written to the respective 100/120MB disk, and how the formatting works that allows for floppy storage of that magnitude. It seems a big jump from the ol' 3.5" disk capacity.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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  1. As for the high-density issue, think of how long ago the 1.44MB floppy was introduced. Storage densities have improved greatly since then, accounting for the increased capacity of the new floppy media. The tracks can also be located closer together because of improvements in the servo control of the read heads.

    I have never seen any documents on the low-level organization of these disks, but I would assume it to be simmilar to the old floppy layout, just higher density.

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