Upgrade toshiba satelite A215 s7422

Want to upgrade a slower than molasses laptop, now with 893 Meg memory and a 150Gig HD. It appears to be an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58 CPU @ 1900 MHz. I presume that means it will support 64 bit Windows. It is now running Win Vista 32 bit, as far as I can tell. What would be the effect of the following upgrades?

Moving from Vista 32 to Vista 64?
Upgrading to the best CPU supported by the S1 socket, and what is it?
Memory upgrade to 2 Gig?
Moving from Vista back to XP?

I have been thru and done all the tracking for viruses and worms, and not found anything significant, and I have removed unnecessary software. But its still not fast enough for daily use. This is a new laptop for me, but has been used by others in the past.

Any advice sincerely appreciated. :ange:
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  1. Ahh!!! my friend had a Acer laptop that was very similarly configured !!

    He was initially running XP with 1GB of RAM, and damn system was *** slow!!
    He then later upgraded to 2GB RAM, and did a clean install of Windows7 32bit. The difference was surprising. Its now much much more responsive and faster :D

    I strongly advise against upgrading ur CPU. Try to get 3GB ram if possible, Windows7 loves RAM:)
  2. Many thanks for your answer. I upgraded to 4Gig of RAM amd the difference was phenomenal. I knew that was the answer. I was just fishing for an upgrade path for the CPU, which I could not find online. Maybe there is none? :whistle:
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