I5 3570k running at 65C?

I just finished building my new rig and I've noticed my CPU temperatures are at 65 degrees Celsius. I'm not running any programs just windows 7 on an ssd. I've noticed the fan kind of hesitates to start up. (It is a stock one) So do I need a new fan or is it my CPU?
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  1. You've installed the cooler incorrectly! Are all four push pins through!?
  2. The Ivy bridges run hot, mostly so they can add a better thermal cooling element b/w the CPU and its outer shell, clock them higher, and re-brand as better, faster CPUs.

    Notice your TDP is kinda low, if they clocked them higher they'd be under a larger amount of monopoly scrutiny.
  3. Yeah, all the pins are through - my friends same rig (we built them together) runs at about 45C.
  4. Yeah, 45 sounds closer to normal. I think you might have misapplied the thermal compound, because 65 is definitely high for idling.
  5. The stock fan already had it on there. I've done some research and it says the stock thermal compound isn't as good as sandy bridge. My friend DID apply different paste cause he touched the original. So if this could be the problem, why is my fan hesitating to start up? It DOES actually run but takes a few seconds after everything else.
  6. Your fan starting up a little late is no big deal - I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. please remove the heatsink, clean off old thermal paste, reapply and reseat it.

    sometimes the pins on the stock intel heatsinks LOOK like they are through but are not.

    though honestly the best advice is to get a coolermaster hyper 212+ or EVO if not better for a heatsink.
  8. I just built a rig and am encountering similar problems. I haven't been able to read the temps yet, but the cpu/heatsink fan waits 3-4 seconds at boot to start spinning. I'm pretty sure the pins are all the way through and I follow Arctic Silver's directions to the "T" when applying the compound.

    I've really put a lot of pressure on the cpu cooler pins, they don't budge a fraction of a mm. I'll get the rest of the components hooked up today and see if the temps are in line, but is the fan hang at boot typical?

    **forgot to say exact same processor and stock heatsink
  9. Thermal compound application was perfect! The temps (according to CoreTemp) haven't exceeded 39 C, and idle around 33 C. I think this is perfectly acceptable, esp with the stock cooler. Checking BIOS, it says 30.0 C.

    I think the hang is just due to lack of temp in the cores at startup and once they get up to temp after a few seconds the fan kicks in. This is the only reasonable explanation I can think of. Does this sound right? It still freaks me out a bit, but I'll live with it!
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