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GTX 580 vs 560 ti 2gb sli vs 6950 2gb cf

Hello there guys, im having a bit of a problem atm, i currently have no gpu and am running a 2500k@ 5ghz with a h100 and a Haf 912, 850w bronze certified, and a 40' 1080p screen. My budget is $600-700, and so far its down to these.

Asus Gtx 580 TUII(can overclock like a god apparently) (card to big to get another for my mobo)
gtx 580 Twin frozr II (can fit 2 but less overclock room)

6950 2gb Twin frozr II x2

Gtx 560 ti Twin frozr II 2gb x2

I understand all of them can overclock very well, i just want the best option.
I have never ran i sli/cf setup and i know the risk and benefits, but would it be better to just grab a second 580, bigger mobo, and better psu down the road?
or just grab the smaller 580 and sacrifice the overclock room and get a better psu?

As you can see im confused and would love to be pushed in the right direction.
I know the 6950's are the best for performance but the 580 is better because i can and will add another.
right now im leaning towards the Asus 580.
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    580 is definitely a great choice but if you wanna get comfortable fps from all games I would go with the 6950's because of they're bang for the buck. I have 2 and i get anywhere from 80-130 fps in BF3 completely maxed. If you want to get the 580 and get another (as long as your surely going to get another) then go for it because 580's SLI destroy
  2. Benchies are pretty indecisive.

    Personally I'd go nvidia if performance is simliar. I've come across some apps that run CUDA that I've really wanted to try but I've got a 5750. Also they have free 3d drivers, unlike having to use a 3rd party such as iz3d with AMD.

    If that doesn't matter to you then get the one with lower power consumption. According to the following the 560 ti uses more power.
  3. The 7970 is better but no where near twice as good. On average 10-30% better than the 580 on the preliminary benchmarks.
  4. Quote:
    Give a 7970 a higher overclock and it nearly outperforms a 6990/590 soooooooo

    That's true but only on some games. A 590 is not the equivalent of twice the power of a 580, which is what you said. Just didn't want anyone to get confused. 7970 will be the most powerful single GPU on the market, but definitely not by a longshot.
  5. Quote:
    sorry I should have said "580 in SLI" because that is what I originally meant.

    580 in sli outperforms the 7970 lol.
  6. amuffin said:
    580 in sli outperforms the 7970 lol.

    Yeah haha. I'm a little confused as to what he's getting at... :heink:
  7. Okay thanks guys going to get the 580 and another in couple weeks.
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