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Hi everyone,

Recently i had faced hard disk crashed not once, not twice but four times. And i am just fed up of calling Western Digital Customer Care. Now 2 days back i got my replaced hard drive and when i attached it, it worked like a charm and i installed windows XP SP3. I shut down my system properly. But when i started my system it says "3rd Master Harddisk Error" and say press "F1 to continue". When i pressed F1 it says "Unable to find boot device. Select proper boot device or insert boot media."

Now after spending a complete day to solve this problem i came across that it is due to not properly configured DVD ROMs and HDD jumper config. Then i changed one DVD drive jumper config to "Master" and another to "Slave", but i dont have inserted any jumper in HDD. Still I face the same problem.

So finally removed both DVD drives and started my system (without jumper in HDD). It works properly. I added a single DVD Drive and it stated again. But when i added both DVD Drives again it again shows error. I need my both DVD ROMs connected. So what i need to do (jumper config) to connect both DVD ROMs.

Also i want to know what must be the jumper config of my DVD drives and Hard Drive. Can i use two master config at a time i.e. one for IDE DVD Drives and one for SATA HDD or i need something else to solve this?
My System Config is :
ASUS P5QPL-AM Motherboard
3.06Ghz P4
2GB HP RAM 667 Hz
2 x DVD Drives (LG)
1 x 500GB Western Digital HDD
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  1. Yaa, i know the IDE cable configuration and i did every possible steps. I removed one of my DVD ROM and then tried to start pc but it show error message. Again i attached the other DVD Drive and removed the previously connected Drive still error remains. When i remove both of my DVD Drive then only my windows starts up normally, as soon as i attache any of DVD ROM it comes with an error. :(
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