Crossfire help.

So I just got my second 6950 in the mail. I plugged it in and only have 1 Crossfire bridge and put that in. When I turn on my PC, only 1 (Middle) out of 3 monitors turn on and when I check the device manager, I only see 1 'AMD Radeon 6900 series'.

Am I supposed to see 2 and is it mandatory to have 2 Crossfire bridges to get both cards working?

Thanks in advance.


Power Supply: 850 watts
GPU's: (Both) VisionTek 6950 (2GB)
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  1. what motherboard do you have
  2. ASUS P67 Sabertooth
  3. Do you have the latest drivers installed?
  4. Yes.
  5. try removing it and reinserting it and make sure everything is securely in
  6. Just did, both cards have power but still no luck. I went to CCC as well and can't find an options to enable Crossfire.

    EDIT: I still see only 1 card being shown in Device Manager.
  7. what version is your ccc
  8. 11.12.
  9. are the fan(s) on the second one(new one) spinning
  10. Trying putting the cards in seperately

    If the fan isnt spinning it could be one of two things.

    Card is dead

    Or port on your mobo is dead
  11. The GPU's turn on. I put one GPU in and checked if the monitors turned on, they did. I put in the second one and that monitor worked properly as well.

    But to be brief, yes, the fans did spin.

    Both PCIe slots and GPU's are working properly.
  12. did you forget the crossfire bridge between both cards?
  13. Crossfire bridge is in as well.
  14. what brand is the psu
  15. ravesaint5 said:
    Crossfire bridge is in as well.

    Do you have an extra bridge? Try swapping it if you do
    Might be a defective bridge or if anything defective pins on the gfx crossfire pins?
  16. and try different combos like try your other cable like try the front bridge spots then also try the one behind it
  17. I don't have an extra Crossfire bridge.

    My PSU manufacturer is Thermaltake.

    demar3214 said:
    and try different combos like try your other cable like try the front bridge spots then also try the one behind it

    I've tried that. Nothing.
  18. Take off the crossfire bridge and see if both cards are recognized by Windows at the same time.
  19. Well, youre gonna hate me for this.

    Have you tried restarting your computer?
  20. I've tried that, only recognized one still.

    And yes ferin, I have lol.
  21. what windows version are you using?
  22. Hmmm, I had problems with a pair of 5850's, one would randomly stop being recognized, but if I removed the bridge they would always both be recognized just fine. I would contact your customer support for your motherboard at this point, kind of baffling, sorry.
  23. Windows 7 64x.

    And I have called ASUS and ATI but they're closed for the holidays... VisionTek is my last hope. I hope they're not closed as well.
  24. No one else has any suggestions? :(
  25. have you tried the first gpu in the slot your putting the new one in.
  26. In the bios is the 2nd PCI-E slot disabled?
    Sometimes its factory set like that.
  27. @Demar3214, Yes, I've tried.
    @Ferinthul, I'll check that now.
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