Couple of questions about CM Storm Trooper Case

I am noob at building a computers and I believe I have grasped the very basics.

My first question is what does the x-dock do on the Storm Trooper? I know I can put an SSD in there but I am wondering if I should just leave my SSD in there or attach it inside.

My second question is that how many additional fans will I need. I believe I can purcahse 3 more. 2 X 120 mm for the bottom when I remove the SSD drive cage and one 200 mm fan on the top. Are there anymore that I need to buy to install?

Thanks in advance.
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    Your Hotswap or X-Dock is for quick swapping ssd's, you may have reason to store data on another drive and keep it elsewhere so this is an easier method to use rather than having to take the side off, install the storage drive, then remove it all afterwards,
    and fanwise, I like to stock up, if you have room then put more in, more fans can run slower to get the same cooling, making the rig quieter as a bonus,
    just remember that front,bottom and side fans are usually best as intake, and top/rear fans are exhaust,
  3. Thanks. I think getting a few fans for extra cooling would not hurt. never thought about the quiter part but that is a bonus.

    Do you happen to know how many additional fans I would need to purcahse.
  4. How many spare spaces do you have?
    without getting into modding, just fill the slots you have available, I'd suggest a fancontroller to control all but the Cpu cooler fans, that way you can adjust flow as you desire, full on for gaming, on low for movies :)
  5. you can stick 2 x 120mm on the side panel if its not the windowed version

    cant fit 2 x 200mm on the top only one --and theres one there already

    2 x 120mm on the bottom if removed the ssd cage


    Cooling System:

    Front: 120 mm LED fan x2 (1200 RPM, 17dBA)
    Top: 200 mm fan x 1 (1000 RPM, 23 dBA)
    Rear: 140 mm fan x1 (1200 RPM, 19 dBA) (converted to 120 mm fan)
    Bottom: 120 mm fan x 2 (optional)
    Side: 120 mm fan x 2 (optional)

    the optional ones are the ones you can add
  6. One last question is that I can add one more 200 mm fan to the top?

    Is this a good 120 mm fan:
  7. no you cant add a second 200mm to the top

    wouldnt say it was that good a fan--read the reviews from people who bought it

    i added some red led silverstone air penetrators to my trooper

    bit dearer but great leds and air flow
  8. Are you tlkaing about this one:

    or this one:
    (not sure how this one would go inside)

    Could not find any Red ones but I rather pay top dollar for the best.
  9. no its these ones

    dont think they do them on newegg--bound to be a usa site sells them though
  10. Try Aquatuning :)
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