Core i5 2500k vs Core i7 2600k in gaming

Hi, what CPU is much better to buy in terms of games right now and for the next 2 years? Core i5 2500k or Core i7 2600k..
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  1. About the same in gaming, honestly. Just go with the 2500k (or 3570K). By the time HT means anything for gaming, you'll want another upgrade anyway.
  2. Yeah go Ivy i5 ;)
  3. the i5 is better. Hyperthreading in the i7 can take a 1-2% penalty as well as cause stuttering in some games.
  4. I would just go with the i5-2500k or i5-3570K which ever is cheaper i go with ;) :lol:
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    i5 2500k or i5 3570k for just few bucks more. i5 and i7 will perform the same in gaming unless the application you're using needs the benefit from hyperthreading
  6. Thanks guys.. I can't pick the best answer cause all of you have the same answers and reasons...
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