Gaming PC, halfway planned

Looking for RAM, GeForce GTX 560 Ti, case, fans/heatsinks, HDDs, RAID 1 controller, and monitor.

Approximate Purchase Date: March 31
Budget Range: $1500 - $2000
System Usage: All home computer use + gaming, in particular planning for ARMA 3.
Parts Not Required: Arcade Controller (HotRod SE), keyboard rest, trackball
Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
Country: California, United States
Parts Preferences: None
Overclocking: No
SLI or Crossfire: No
Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Additional Comments:
- Quiet and not-obnoxious-looking
- Monitor needs to have VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, and HD Component all at the same time

What I have so far:

Motherboard - ASUS P9X79 WS - - This is because I need two PS/2 ports

CPU - Intel Core i7-3820 -

RAM - Geil EVO CORSA - - package deal with the motherboard

Heat Sink - Corsair H100 - - Looked like it had more flexibility in where it can be mounted compared to the Intel one

Power Supply - Corsair Gaming Series GS800 - - Hope it doesn't blow the house's breakers!

Keyboard - Kensington K64406US -

Mouse - Logitech B120 -
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  1. Is your using your rig for gaming you could go i5 2500k all the way. Save the money, no games use more than 4 cores. You could spend the 100 bucks else were.

    i dont tend to recommend water cooling. Theres just to much that could go wrong. You dont want your whole rig to be destroyed and void all your warrenties in the process. Air cooling is just are efficiant and will cost you alot less. The hyper 212 is $30 and works great.

    Ive never even heard of that RAM. Its way over priced to begin with anyways. You could pick up 16gb of ram for $100. The tall heatsinks do you nothing, and interfer with alot of coolers.

    The powersupply is fine. Corsair is one of the best brands for psu's. The TX series gets a little more praise than the GS. Corsair has a 850w TX modular for $140. But you only need a 850w psu if your planning to SLI 2 570's.

    With the money you save you could probably grab yourself a gtx 570 or 580. Also says you dont want to SLI so why buy a $380 board with 4 pci slots?

    It looks like you got a great budget but you seem to be waisting alot of money on things you dont need.
  2. There are very few instances in home or gaming computing that would ever fully utilize 32GB of RAM. IMO paying 235 for 32GB of 1333 is ridiculous. for that price i would suggest either 12GB Or 16GB of either 1600Mhz or 1833Mhz DDR3, which your asus motherboard fully capable of utilizing. Consult the Asus support manual to view the memory setup guidelines. happy gaming. (check page 2-5)

    A recommendation:

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