Inboard MSI P67a-gd65 LAN connection not recognized by Windows


I have a new build running off an MSI P67A-GD65 mobo and while I'm operating under Windows 7 I cannot get any connectivity to the ethernet port. I bought a Netgear PCIe card which has been fairly plug-and-play.

"What's the problem?" You're wondering.

On another partition I have Snow Leopard running, and under that OS it works perfectly with the onboard LAN but can't connect through the Netgear!

I'd prefer to use the mobo's ethernet port for both OSs and have the PCIe slot free (especially if I can return/sell the Netgear).

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  1. Did you install the drivers for the onboard Nic?
    Windows 7 has alot of drivers, but maybe not for yours.
  2. I've installed all the drivers I can think of. From the MSI CD, through live update...

    I could see that being the solution though nothing I've downloaded thus far has made any difference.
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    Check device manager and see if it shows up in there.

    We know it works due to the other OS.

    When the cable is plugged in, do you get any lights at all on the nic?
  4. I'll take a look at the device manager when I get home. When the ethernet cable is plugged in it gives a steady green light. The yellow only comes on when I'm using the internet on the mac side.
  5. I found the necessary drivers on softpedia and now all seems in working order! Thanks so much!

    How I was supposed to be able to download that without the internet already is beyond me.
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  7. Can you, uhhh, post the link? People come to forums to get help, and will normally browse first to see if this has already been solved. It's considered good form to share your fixes.
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