Nvidia geforce gt520m to intel hd 3000 differences

I am looking for a new laptop I5

and I need to know what the difference is between nvidia geforce gt520m to intel hd 3000

the only thing i need the laptop to do is play some games:
32mb 3d accelerated video card
2mb pci graphics
64mb direct x 9.0 compliant video card 128mb rec

please tell me best option
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  1. you can check this page
    depending on games - gt520m is better between the two.
    for gaming laptop you should look for better gpus like 560m or higher.
  2. The 520, but only slightly. If you are going for a cheap laptop with decent graphics, try AMD.
  3. so these won't run them?
  4. don't buy those if you want gaming performance.

    Try getting an AMD laptop with and A6 or A8 APU
  5. punisher212 said:
    so these won't run them?

    what games are you trying to run?
  6. they are only sam and max games and Red Alert 2
  7. Oh both will run those games without ANY problems, they aren't graphically intensive at all. Usually when people ask if a graphics card will run a game, they ask about the new shiny games, like battlefield 3 or skyrim :) Also, GT520m is more powerful of the two.
  8. ok so if i did want to play skyrim on a laptop what sort of card will i need also I5 or I7 processor?
  9. You'd want at least GT540m. Fast processor helps as well, i5 2xxx should be enough!
  10. you can probably play skyrim with a i3 or i5 with at least a geforce 540m or radeon 6550.

    Or you can get an A8 fusion APU.
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