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Help with new laptop upgrade.

So I don't know of this is the right place to post this but I couldn't find another one related to this. Sorry if it is the wrong place.
I have been wanting to buy a MacBook pro, and today I was wondering, if I buy the stock model without more ram or different hdd, would it be better if I upgrade it myself? Would it be cheaper? If so, what brand of ram and hdd do you recommend?
Thanks in advance, I appreciate all of the help.
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  1. If you want cheaper, get a regular laptop. More performance for less the cost of a mac. However, if you are dead set on getting a MacBook Pro, then get it with the least amount of RAM. You can always upgrade the RAM to the maximum that it will allow. As for HDD, yes you can upgrade that too. However, I'm not sure if prices are cheap enough on retail side to the point where you can save money on a HDD do-it-yourself upgrade since HDD prices are still high from all the flooding in Thailand last year.
  2. What's a good reliable high performance laptop?
  3. You have your choices of Dell, Asus, MSI, HP, etc etc etc

    I like Asus myself. Performance for price is pretty nice. However, you'll want to install a clean version of windows to rid the bloatware (but that is the same for basically any pre-built computer).

    Question though, what exactly do you want to do with your laptop? Photoshop, video rendering, video editing, etc?
  4. Video and photo editing, mild gaming. I've been looking at the dell latitude e6520.
  5. No reason to pay that kind of price for a Dell either. For much less you can get a quad core processor (which is what you want for Video and Photo-editing) and a dedicated GPU (for gaming). <--- $1,200 for much better hardware than that dell or Apple. Unless that Dell comes with an IPS laptop screen....
  6. Will the ASUS G53SX-NH71 be good for a computer science major? Or would i need the G73sw?
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    The G73sw is slightly slower than the NH71, but does have a 1 TB HDD.

    Keep in mind the G73sw is a massive laptop meant to be a desktop replacement. The NH71 is smaller and lighter with better specs all around (aside from the HDD being 500 GB instead of 1 TB). Still you, can always upgrade the HDD later. Personally, I would go for the NH71.

    Edit: Oh, and the G73sw does have a blu-ray disk player, but do you really need one of those?
  8. True I could just upgrade the hdd later, and it is a lot more portable. And I don't really need blu-ray so I might go with the NH71. How reliable and durable are asus laptops? I want something that will last me a while.
  9. That I cannot answer, but they seem pretty sturdy. With proper care I'm sure they would last a long while. My ex has an Asus, and she hasn't had any issues with it for sometime. Plenty of people have told me the same.
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  11. I will probably buy the NH71 and later on when I get some cash go for the MacBook pro or just a mac mini because I'm interested in making apps.
  12. There you go. Save money now and upgrade later.
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