Aerocool XPredator Black Edition + Corsair h100??

Simple question:

Does the "Corsair H100 Liquid CPU cooler" fit in the "Aerocool XPredator Black Edition"

It has 1 big topfan, instead of 2 smaller fans, but is it possible to fit in the Corsair H100's Radiator, preferably with push&pull fans?
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  1. Srry, accidently selected "Akasa" instead of "Other Components".. Or is there some whole other place for questions about Cases?
  2. If the 'big fan' slot is 240mm them it should fit, check the height as well between the motherboard and roof of the case, you'll need over 50mm to get everything inside the case
  3. how can I check that? I don't have the case :(
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