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Gtx 570 lag problems

This is my PC description:
Core i5 760
P55USB3 gigabyte
4GB Kingstone 1333Mhz
G skill 60 GB SSD
1 TB western digital
Hec 550w p.s

Up until now I had a graphic car of 5770 – and I decided to upgrade this to GTC 570 OC of sparkle.
When I am playing in new games like Battlefield 3 I can see some lags sometimes
I am using the highest details and aa on 1080p
Can someone tell me what can be the problem?
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  1. Update the drivers? Or it's the PSU which is insufficient.
  2. You won't be able to max out everything even on a 570. I would turn down a few settings.
  3. Your power supply probably doesn't have the required amps to power an overclocked GTX570.

    Why is it everyone thinks KINGSTON is spelled Kingstone?
  4. geekapproved said:
    Why is it everyone thinks KINGSTON is spelled Kingstone?

  5. geekapproved said:
    Your power supply probably doesn't have the required amps to power an overclocked GTX570.

    Why is it everyone thinks KINGSTON is spelled Kingstone?

    There's that, and then there's duel cards :pt1cable:
  6. Hey,
    Thanks to all of the answers
    a.I already downloaded the last update for the card
    b.The Gtx 570 does not suppose to go lower than 30 fps within this computer...(according to benchmarks by toms hardware)
    c. The PSU has unused 400 watt and according to manufacturing the card on load is 350 max
    What am I missing?
  7. Did you run Driver Sweeper or something similar when installing the GTX 570? Going from Nvidia to Nvidia I had to do it. But going from AMD to Nvidia you absolutely have to run something like that to clean out the remnants of the AMD drivers.
  8. I just ran the PSU calculator guessing on some of your settings/components and using 4 120mm fans no PCI/PCI-E cards and 10% Capacitor aging, it recommends a minimum of 502w PSU Recommended is 550.

    But if your PSU has more aging on the Caps then it goes up. Either way your PSU is close to being maxed out.
  9. Yea, 350 is only the card. Anything else may add up to 200 watts in your case, it will be 550W. And because your PSU is a no-name PSU, it is maybe rated at 550W but only giving output at 250W, so yeah you get the idea.
  10. thank you cliffro!
    I will run the sweeper and will see how it goes
    as for the PSU, do I have asimple way to check it rather than switching PSU?
  11. Best answer
    Well first run Driver Sweeper, then test to see if it alleviates the issue. If it does don't worry about the PSU right now, if your still having issues afterwards, try using a P3 Kill-a-watt and seeing how much your system is consuming, if it's around 500-550 you will need a bigger PSU for sure.
  12. And could you describe the lag? FPS dipping? Freezing? try turning down and/or off AA.

    Because BF3 on Ultra uses lots of Video RAM especially with AA on. My 560 Ti ran it ok at ultra for a few minutes then started freezing for a second or two, till I went back to high.
  13. I doubt a HEC 550w psu puts out anywhere near 550w, that's a fact. If we knew the model number that would help.
  14. Thanks,
    I'll do as you say
    As for the lag - well, it is kind of hard to explain... If I am looking around fast, I will freeze for a moment yet the FPS matter does not show very low FPS on that exact time...
  15. Sounds like hitching, as it used to be called. It also sounds like what mine did. Try it on high or with 0 AA and No Post Processing AA.
  16. I see a few things wrong with your system besides that generic psu. As bad low quality generic psu can kill your system if it were to fail. Second 4gb barely cuts the mustard these days and a second 4gb kit is very cheap now days. I'll guess that most of your apps and games are on the 1TB WD drive so I will say that if you got a slow sub par sample that drive could be one reason more why you are getting low fps when loading textures and models in game.

    By the way overclock that cpu as it can be a real beast when pushed to around 4ghz give or take 200mhz.
  17. There's no way it's caused by your hd or ram, that's just absurd. 4gb of ram is plenty for today's games and the majority of us still use mechanical hd's and have no problems with fps in gaming.
  18. It's BF3 .... even twin 570's would put a strain on BF3 at Ultra settings.
  19. Well, first of all II would like to say great thanks to everyone that helped me with the lag problem.
    The things I've done in the last week:
    1. I have noticed that my CPU is running on very high temps on heavy load so I installed the Noctua NH d14 Fan – that is a real beast!!!!
    2. I overclocked my CPU from 2.8 to 4 GHz – it was early easy due to the great fan
    3. I installed a new update to my bios
    4. I've done a clean install to the GPU driver
    Now< the computer is working preaty well and w/o lags…
    The next Upgrade will be a bigger SSD (~120GB) for the most played games and a set of 4 X 4 GB of memory sets that are prepared for O.C with higher speed..
    It was great talking to you guys
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