2xgtx 460 1gb vs hd 6950 2gb

which is better 2x gtx 460 1GB or 1x Radeon HD 6950 2GB
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  1. Better for what?
    Performance? Noise? Heat? Cost? Hassle-free? Drivers?
  2. better overall excluding the cost
  3. Performance: 460 SLI
    Noise: 6950
    Heat: 6950 (Cooler)
    Hassle-free: 6950
    Overall: you decide
  4. Upgradebility: 6950 (since you could crossfire it in the future)
  5. I myself went for SLI GTX 460 cause I had money to buy only one card, then I added the other one months later.
  6. I have EVGA GTX 460's SLI'ed. O/C 840/1680/2000 no voltage increase.
    Unigine Heaven 2.5 Score 1945, 77.2 FPS, 40/180.8
    Stock single GTX 460 830 Score 33FPS, 19.1/17.1 min/max.
    3D Mark 11 SLI O/Ced w/ I5 2500K @4.2GHz 7409 3D Marks 7791 Graphics.
    Idle 37C, highest 57C w/ side panel fan which lowered my load temps 10C.
    No BF3 bench. Maybe when I can get it for $20.
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