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Hello I have been around computers for some time. I built the pc I am using from the ground up but now I am looking to build a new one hopefully under $1300. I want it to be cool and quite. This is what I was looking at to get if I misses anything please tell what and what u would recommend.
Case: NZXT Phantom Red White Finish Full Tower =129.99
Motherboard: Asus Crosshair V =229.99.
Ram= Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8) DDR3 =139.99.
CPU: AMD FX-8150 Zambezi 3.6GHz =249.99.
Case Fan: Cougar CF- V14H Vortex =19.99x2.
Video Card: EVGA GeForce TxT 560 2GB =234.99.
PSU: Pc power and cooling silencer MK 2 950W =149.999
CPU: idk what to get for a AM3+
CD Drive: idk as long ass it plays the most recent stuff like blueray
Hard Drive: was thinking a small SSD for Windows 7 Ult. Fast load times I heard then a like 500GB drive.

Idk I think that is everything if I did something wrong say something. Thx for The Help
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  1. As a fellow gamer I need to say that for a gaming build you will get better performance and cheaper price with Intel i5-2500k.

    Why not go with Intel?
  2. I based my last pc off of Intel and it was the *** when I made it but Intel has gotten a little more pricey since then the CPU I was look at is 8 cores at 3.1 does that not smoke that Intel cpu???
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