How many coats of paint?

Not exactly sure if this is the right place to post this but anyway I think I want to paint the chasis of my antec 900 prior to putting the new guts I just ordered in it.

How many coats of paint realistically should I go for? I was thinking 2-3 coats with 2 coats of clear after the fact?

I am looking to go for the radioactive theme of yellow/black.
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    Powder-coating would be more durable than spray-paint, but if you want to spray-paint anyway:
    -- rough-up the finish with 600 grit sandpaper
    -- wipe with denatured alchohol
    -- spray 1st coat, don't try to put on too much, the paint will run (if that happens, use the 600-grit paper to level the runs with the surrounding paint,
    -- spray 2nd coat
    -- spray 3rd coat,
    -- then 2 or 3 clear spray, again, light coats, so the clear doesn't run.

    Spray paint will still chip and scratch, especially around the side panel latches.
  2. Powder coating also cost more than the case lol...
  3. I know, but I've sprayed several cases, and they still look good, except for the chips and scratches on the latches - which show when I take a photo of the internals. Just take your time and let each coat dry before you apply the next.
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