Totally lost, replaced CPU and mobo

Well my pc decided to crap out mid gaming session, and refused to boot, so after some combing the internet, the problem was with either the mobo, psu, or cpu. I had another psu laying around, so pulled mine out, tested, same results. Not wanting to drop 300 on a new cpu and the fact the cpu has gone through 2 mobos and is fine, I bought a new mobo. Installed mobo, now it lights up for a second, but quickly loses power, and still won't boot. Okay, so I buy a new CPU, put it in last night, used original psu, still no boot but still getting the leds for a second, swapped psu and same results. I have a second set of memory I have tested, and I have tested without a gpu. The only way the system will turn on is if I unplug the 4 pin from the cpu. Which is the original issue, after all components have been replaced/tested. Have verified both PSUs work on a totally separate computer. Can anyone help?
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  1. Maybe your replacement motherboard is bad but have you disconnected all extras like HDD's and such, a short on one of those could stop it from posting.
    I am of course presuming that the board is correctly mounted on standoffs and nothing is shorting it out.
  2. Was mounted on standoffs, tried base config, still not turning on, tried out of case as well, still no go, pure mystery. Any other advice?
  3. There might also be a problem with the wall socket you are plugging your computer into. Have you tried plugging it into a different wall socket or surge protector?
  4. Tried different socket as well, and a different house just in case. Still tries to power on, then dies in less than a second. Only thing I can think of is the board I just got is bad. But having the exact same problem seems highly unlikely. I"m using a rampage formula, using the start button and my 750 watt PSU, if I button mash the start button on the mobo, everything will power up, but it won't boot. On my 1kw, can't get it to happen.
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