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Hi All,,

I am Planning on building a Budget Gaming PC. I did go through the recent Article on Toms and have decided to go the Intel way.

Here is My Build:

Proccessor :

Motherboard :

Ram :

Zotac GTS 450 ( From old build )

2*WD Caviar Blue HDD ( From old build )

Gigabyte 400 Watt Psu (From Old Build)

Initially though of buying the i3 2100, but is more expensive than the Pentium and now I will have a reason to upgrade to IB when it comes out.

What I want to know is
1) Is the Intel MB a good choice or is there anything better at that price range considering the prices in India are a little higher.

2)What kind of performance improvement can I see over a PhenomX2 555BE? with the current upgrade and when I eventually buy IB?

3)I want to keep Power consumption really low my current Phenom Setup Idles at 100W.

Thanks in Advance,

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    Here's one discussion about the two cpus: If you want Ivy bridge, why not just wait two months for it and don't order anything yet. Some boards may get bios updates for it and some won't. I never trust Intel for using old chipsets for new cpus; the old ones may work but they may have a better one out by the time you order IB.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.. The MB on my old System does not work fried i guess.. out of warranty and I need a computer quick..Hence my Urgency.

    The post was helpful , but the G620 is only till I can get my hands on IB...

    Buying a AM3 Mobo just so I can have a working system .. at this stage does not make sense.

    AFAIK Asus dishes out regular Bios updates .. can I pick up the G620 along with something from ASUS , also their support is very good in India.
  3. Yes. Either asus or Intel should work fine. Try getting a z68 board if you can budget for it.
  4. o1die said:
    Yes. Either asus or Intel should work fine. Try getting a z68 board if you can budget for it.

    Outta my budget... Board alone costs $150 ... moreover not looking to use the CPU-GPU thing .. that's the reason I am looking at the p67.. almost all the features of the z68 except the onboard graphics..

    Thanks oldie for your advice
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