Gta 4 performance on pentium dual core vs pentium 4

i have dual core pentiumd 3ghz,nvidia 6200 ddr2[256 mb] i gb ram ddr2 can i run gta 4.
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  1. No, that system is ancient.
  2. As by the title of your thread, any Pentium Dual Core has a much more efficient architecture than a Pentium 4 era processor and, generally speaking, will be quite a bit faster.

    As to your post, no you can not run GTA4 without upgrading.
    At the very minimum you will need to upgrade your GPU to a 4650, with a faster GPU being highly recommended.
    If you are running Xp, GTA4 should still start with 1GB RAM, Vista and Windows 7 require a minimum of 1.5GB.
    Personally, I would upgrade to 4GB regardless.
  3. Wait, I just read through your post again....
    Did you mean Pentium Dual Core or Pentium D?
    Very different processors there, with a Pentium Dual Core being far superior.

    If you do have a Pentium D, disregard the above upgrade advice and consider building a new system from scratch.
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