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I want to build the PC for my architecture based computer application. so I need to know that should I select xeon E3-12xx series or core i7(3770 or 2600 or 3820) processors. will I be able to run Auto CAD and 3D max like software smoothly with xeon processors??? n does nVIDIA quadro series GPU's are more compatible with xeon processors or with i7?? and then please suggest compatible mother board and RAM for xeon E3- 12xx series.
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  1. Anything that will run on an i7 processor will run on a Xeon processor, there are no binary incompatibilities.

    The main advantage of using Xeon processors over desktop processors is support for ECC memory, extra QPI links for multi-socket systems, and a slightly different version of the speedstepping hardware.

    A workstation motherboard is required to use ECC RAM and Xeon processors. Workstation boards will work with non-Xeon processors but non-Workstation motherboards will not work with Xeon processors. Desktop processors cannot be used in multi-socket motherboards.

    Workstation class graphics cards are recommended for AutoCAD and 3DStudio because their drivers contain very useful optimizations specific to these applications.
  2. thanks buddy.... I have chosen nVIDIA quadro 600 GPU......but will u please suggest me which motherboard are compatible with this CPU and GUP..... cpu is xeon E3-1245 (socket 1155)and also size...(standard-ATX or Extended-ATX)
  3. A Quadro 600 really won't be that much faster than a mid ranged Geforce card. Change up your budget so you can get a higher end Quadro.
  4. Its not really comparable to a mid range geforce as its a different tool that does a job in a different way. You wouldn't use a mid range geforce for the tasks of the quadro even if its speed is similar.
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