Even though hardware checks out ok, cd drive wont recognise any disc?

I can't save to cd or use my system restore discs. My CD/DVD drive hardware and drivers check out OK in all diagnostics but keep getting the message "no disk in drive" or "please insert disc"?
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  1. I would not really depend on the diagnostic results but more on the fact that you are not able to write/read data. Assuming that you tried different CD and DVDs (data, music, video), I would try connecting the optical driver to another PC for a quick test but it may just be dead/defective.
  2. This sounds like there is a bad read head in the CD/DVD drive. $25 will get you a new one and your problems should be a thing of the past.
  3. Just to be clear - cd/dvd/Bluray drives dont have read/write heads. They have a laser and a laser pickup (all in one assembly) to read the reflected laser light.
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