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All games: freeze for 5 seconds, sound continues, black screen then back to game


I am having problems with a new build. Intermittantly (sometimes every 5min, sometimes 30min), games will freeze for about 5 seconds but the sound continues, then the screen will go black and the games will come back to normal. It is almost as if the cards reset themselves or something because during the brief black-screen reset, I can get a glimpse of the desktop, and it happens on my secondary monitor also.

8GB ram
ASRock Z68 E4 G3 mobo
MSI 6950 2GB Twin Frozrr III

I am using the 11.12 CCC and the latest Realtek driver as well.

Thank you very much for the help. This is a new build and it is quite frustrating that games are not playing correctly.

As a sidenote: most Valve games have this problem but worse. The sound will loop into a sort of buzzing sound and not even a ctrl-alt-dlt will work, requiring me to push the power button.
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    I had this problem on Son No.2 's box with a factory OC'd EVGA card ..... dropping the card to reference speeds solved the problem but I didn't buy a reference card so was unhappy....after 18 months of arguing w/ EVGA and 5 RMA's the sent a next gen card that gave comparable speeds but wasn't OC'd

    Ya might try upping RAM voltage if it's under 1.65 ..... that's what EVGA always insisted I do in each of the 20 support calls, .... must work soemtimes I guess if they so insistent on it.......and if ya been told ya can't do that.....

    Sandy Bridge does not demand only 1.5v modules, it will be perfectly happy with 1.65v modules too. If someone tries to tell you that you must have 1.5v modules, then they are either trying to sell them to you, or they have been reading misinformation, or both! Another point to consider here, is that in your BIOS, if you head to the memory voltage setting, and enter 1.5v, the text will remain white/grey, if you enter 1.65v, it will turn yellow, and it isn't until 1.73v that it turns red, so at the moment, I'd rest assured that 1.65v modules are OK to use, and I have had this confirmed by Asus, Gigabyte and Corsair so far,
  2. That sounds like the display driver resetting to me.

    Have you tried using the most current preview driver?
  3. Thank you all for the responses! I will try out the preview driver tonight, and if that fails I will look into dropping the factory OC to reference speeds =( Might as well try the RAM voltage increase if that also fails.
  4. Last night I reduced the speed to 820 MHz and the memory to 1250 MHz and there were no freezes! It is not the ideal fix but I'm just happy to be able to play continuously. Thanks Jacknaylor.

    I'll play around with card and RAM voltage later on to see if I can get the speeds back up to factory OC at least.
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