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Did not know where to post this so I put here, sorry. I've been having problems whith my pc freezing when left in idle it doesnt do it much sometimes once a month sometimes once a week. it has been doning this since october now. It first started under an old machine now Ive got some new parts minus my two hard drives, one of my GTX 580's and my ram and its just froze again earlier today. So it can be one of three things but dont know where to start, my ram is mixed whith corsair vengeance and xms3 both have different voltages 1.5v & 1.65v maybe their under volted or it could be one of my my hard drives or my other GTX 580. I was thinking of taking one graphics card out and testing the machine that way but whith it taking a month at times to get a freeze out of it that could take a while. should I be worried has anyone else had this problem and could point me in the right direction and give me some help please.
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  1. Pull out xms3 and leave the Vengeance. If it keep freezing do the same thing but put xms3 and pull out Vengeance.
  2. Hi

    Already tried doing that on my last rig and it still freezes, I think my first GTX 580 might be bad but i'm not sure.
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