Ok to use my old 125W cpu stock fan on a more powerful 95W cpu?

I currently have a amd x2 6000 (125W) and upgrading to a phenom 945 (95W). I have the stock cooler to the 6000 and was wondering if it will work with the 945. I'm not sure if wattage is the only thing to measure what fans/heatsinks I can use or not or if i need to take into account the extra processing capabilities of the newer 945 processor.
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  1. Don't worry you'll be fine. They use the same socket retention system. The CPU will run far cooler as the heatsink is beefier. Its only like changing the stock heatsink for something like the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64, although the freezer 64 is better than the fan you'll be using.
  2. yea im looking to save some cash where I can and also not have to throw out perfectly usable parts.

    i just needed to know if the fan will be capable of cooling the more powerful 945. yup its the same socket and all too so thats a plus
  3. Yes it will be fine just dont forget the thermalpaste. 95w's generates less heat than 125w's so the cooler will actually work quite well at stock and even have room to overclock.
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