2 6pin PCI-e connections on one cable?

I have a video card that requires (2) 6pin pci-e connections, can I safely connect (2) 6 pins to it even if they are on the same cable, or is that too much power going through one cable?
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  1. What make and model of power supply do you have? From the sound of it, it may be under-powered for your new video card (what make/model is it as well)?
  2. CPU: intel i5 2500K
    GPU: XFX 560 ti
    PSU: 550w Roswill

    power supply was the only component I was hoping I didn't have to upgrade.
  3. What model of Rosewill? If it is fairly new, it should already have 2 6-pin PCIe connectors.

    Sounds like you want to use a molex to PCIe adapter cable. Is that correct?
  4. I do have 2 pci-e connections on my PSU (factory connections, not adaptors) but they are running off the same cable, I was wondering if that was common to use for a graphics card or if it was too much power for one cable.
  5. They will be fine. Now I understand. Have fun.
  6. Thanks!

    (btw, its a RD 550N Stallion if that makes a difference at all.)
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