Cooler Master 850watt problem - no boot

I cannot boot up my computer at all. When i turn on, the fans spin and lights light up, but there are no visuals on the screen and no POST beeps. However, the CPU led is red. The CPU is not the problem, however, i am wondering if the power supply is not delivering the CPU the required power, or too much of it. I changed out monitors, took components out of case, rewired whole system multiple time. I did the works and i have spent about 4 hours trying to see what's wrong. I reset CMOS using the jumper and battery but no luck. I don't have any spare parts to test with either sadly.

The reason why i think the power supply is the problem is because there are no beeps at all. When i didn't have any RAM in the motherboard, no beeps and no flashing lights. I'm wondering if the power supply is screwed up because it can't deliver any power allowing the motherboard to run tests. But, the power supply powers fans and lights.

If you can say ANYTHING, it would be appreciated. I'd like to get this fixed ASAP! I miss Battlefield 3 lol.
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  1. What system is this please? list manufacturer & model number or if you built this please list the components. Thanks.
  2. Sorry,

    M5A99X EVO
    Phenom X4
    GTX 560
    Silent Pro 850w
    Patriot 8gb
    WD 160gb
    Windows 7 Home Premium
  3. Looks like probably the psu if it was working properly prior.

    You'll have to return/send back the unit for replacement.

    I always keep at least 1 spare laying around.
  4. If you have the TPU switch on, turn it off and try again but it looks to me like you need a new motherbd if you're certain the cpu is still good.
    You can check the voltages at the cpu power connector. There are 4 12v lines and 4 grounds.

    Also, this bd does not support the Phenomx4 cpu's. Could you please doublecheck that you aren't really using a phenomII x4
  5. Thanks guys, sorry about the x4. you were right about the phenomII x4. I never used the TPU switch, thanks anyways.

    I called ASUS tech and it's under an advanced replacement service so they are sending me a new one :)

    The man on the phone said it could be something with the north bridge that connects the motherboard to the cpu.

    I'm going to take the advice and buy a power supply that has a lifetime warranty (i think ultra does) and just keep it just in case.

    Thanks again.
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