'Open in New Window' - Full Screen??

When using IE, if I right click on a hyperlink and select the 'Open in New Window' option, the new window is never full screen. It always appears in a half minimised state and I have to press the 'Maximise' button at the top right of the window.

How do I set IE to open new windows in a full screen, maximised, window?

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  1. Hi Brad, This is what you can try doing. When the second window opens up try left clicking on the explorer icon at the top left hand of the window and select maximize which would enlarge the window to the full size, now click on the icon again and select close. The next time you open a new window it should be at its full size.
  2. Nope. I tried this over and over and still, the new window does not open full screen.

    <font color=purple><b>Brad</b></font color=purple>
  3. Open IE, just have one IE window open. If it is maximized restore the window. Resize the window manually to be full screen, then close it.

    IE opens windows in a restored state based on what the main window's restored size. This is the only way I know how to fix this (new windows that open up sized differently won't mess this up as long as the last window closed has the "maximized" normal state, also windows that can't be resized won't hurt it either).
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