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Hello, i have an old IBM intel p4 computer i got from school and the video isnt working i have no idea whats wrong any ideas if you guys need to know anything from me just let me know and ill answer the best way i can.

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  1. Basic troubleshooting:

    1) try more than one monitor
    2) Do you see ANYTHING on the screen (BIOS prompts etc) when starting?

    Here's a cool test:
    1. burn a copy of Ubuntu to boot to
    2. Make sure the BIOS is set to boot to the CD/DVD drive first (if you can't even see the BIOS it's a hardware issue)
    3. boot the Ubuntu disc

    *booting to Ubuntu from CD avoids both a hard drive AND Windows completely. If you can boot to Ubuntu and things seem to work, then you likely need to reinstall Windows or use Linux (i.e. Ubuntu) instead.
  2. Does the pc have onboard graphics, or a graphics card? Did it used to work and then quit..or hasnt it worked since you got it? Is the monitor cable good? What turns on when you start the the case and see if the cpu fan is spinning or just the case fans...
  3. its integrated graphics and yeah the monitor works it hasnt worked since i got it i changed the mother board and still nothing. nothing shows up on screen at all..
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