Can i connect my 4 fans directly into my PSU?

I'm about to buy a Rosewill RANGER Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case along with a 630w PSU (combo deal on Newegg) so then i can check a couple things i need for building a computer off my list. I was planning to do some tests with the fan to see how they run and everything so I was wondering maybe i could connect my fans directly into my PSU. I'm kind of a NOOB at this as you can tell so please explain thoroughly. :)
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  1. It depends on whther the fan cvomes supplied with a connector, called a molex connector, specifically made for doing this. A fan typically comes with two connectors. One molex, for connecting directly to the power supply, and the other, a three or four pin connector for connecting to the motherboard.
  2. ok thanks a lot, it says it has a three / four pin connector. I'll probably just buy some other LEDs fans. You saved a lot of time for me :)
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