Compatibility question about Phenom II X4 955 CPU

I've been interested in the AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU for sale at Newegg. ( The CPUs at Newegg have the parts number HDX955WFK4DGM. (The non-Black Edition C3 version.) The Asus website lists the 955 as a supported CPU for that motherboard, but on closer inspection only lists product numbers HDZ955FBK4DGI and HDZ955FBK4DGM). (C2 and C3, respectively, both Black Editions.)

Am I correct in presuming that the CPUs at Newegg are incompatible with my motherboard? I assume these things need to be precise fits to work.
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  1. Most likely it will work, it is just a OEM CPU recently released to retail.
  2. Are your sure? According to AMD's website, the HDX955WFK4DGM has a slightly different voltage than the supported CPUs. Would that cause problems?
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    Same as the 945 I presume.
    Check your board here as well, that CPU is listed for several boards
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