4 120mm fans not affecting temperture?

Decided to go ahead and get a 2nd MSI GTX 580 to pump up my 2560 x 1440 setup, but thought I should get some fans beforehand as I'd heard that SLI MSI GTX 580s can heat the cards to 90c.

Own the Corsair 600T White and decided to swap the side door's window to the mesh and mount 4 of these Gentle Typhoons to it.

They're all mounted now but in intake mode and I'm not seeing much of a difference in Temps with my current 580 (yet to buy the 2nd) beside about 3c less at idle on the GPU and CPU, wondering if anyone could help out? I had them mounted in exhaust but saw about the same difference of around 3c.

This is my current fan config using the default case fans plus the (not pictured) 4 120mm Typhoons: http://imgur.com/a/AhzvJ#10
Also have a Cooler Master 212 Plus mounted on the CPU heat sink pushing air into the rear exhaust.

For reference, this is my build component list.
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  1. that dosent suprize me, and a dual GPU setup should lower gaming temps, but things like furmark will get hotter
  2. 90'c isn't any worry on a gfx card anyway, Gpu's can and do run hotter than Cpu's,
    And an aircooled sli/crossfire set up will give your top card higher temps, its pulling in warmer air and sits on top of the lower cards chip
    Whats the rest of your airflow like?
    Possibly bottom intakes would benefit you more than the side ones
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