Need help: Gaming built, effective and efficient

Hello, i got a plan on building a new computer with these parts

*Mobo : Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 or Gigabyte GA-990FXA-D3
Proc : AMD FX 8150 3.1 GHz or 3.6 GHz
*RAM : (any manufacturer) DDR3 8GB or 2x4 DDR3 or 2x8 DDR3
*Graphic : AMD Radeon HD6870 1GB
*SSD : (any manufacturer) 60GB
HD : 500GB or 1TB Seagate SATA
Dvd/cd : Sony 24x Sata Box
PSU : Gigabyte 550W or Cooler Master Gx 750W or Silent Pro Gold 700W
Casing : Cooler Master HAF 922

*)Need suggestions

with those options, is it compatible AND will it not reduce performance or something

Some people says for proc better go for phenom II, cause we already know the quality..but when you compare the prices, well..the differences is BIG right..
And for graphic, the other option is Geforce GTX 480, but some people opinion says better pick that HD 6870,
About SSD, i need guidance 'cause i'm not really sure about this.

The conclusion is, this is my plan, and i need experts to help in switching/changing/swapping parts with one above.

*)Price matters
*)Will put link for product if requested

*)Edit Reasons : Adding RAM options, price requirements for graphic
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  1. Not to change your mind on the AMD but efficiency is much better with the Sandy Bridge CPU's and most P67, Z68 motherboards will upgrade to the 75w Ivy bridge.,2831.html
  2. If you are set on the AMD do get a Phenom II. It'll do better than the FX gaming and cost you alot less. Pair it with an AM3+ board and then you are set for the future IF piledriver is good. If it isn't the Phenom II should last you a while. My Phenom II outperforms My FX.

    Gigabyte do great boards but consider this one

    Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 - It cost less than the 990FX board but is basically the same. It only cost a small amount more than the 970.

    But Intel are probably the better choice right now.
  3. +1^ for billj214's recommendation on a Sandy Bridge based system, since "effective and efficient" are the key words.
    a i5 2400 and H61/67 MB would be the recommended solution.
  4. SB's right now offer the best bang-for-buck, especially the i5-2500 set.

    If your set on AMD, get a 990FX board and a Phenom II Black Edition. Only difference between 990X and 990FX is 8x/8x SLI/CF vs 16x/16x SLI/CF. Only the most recent generation of GPU's have shown the need to go beyond 8x and only when high levels of AA / resolution are enabled.
  5. Thanks for the response.

    Lets start with AMD build,

    1. If i go with Phenom II, which ones? X2 / X4 / X6
    2. FX performance in gaming losing to phenom II and intel caused by the "compatibility with Win 7" (must be patched), am i correct?
    3. FX prices is cheaper than phenom II, am i correct?
    4. For GPU, which ones better, HD6870 or HD7770? the early from HD7000 series or later from HD6000 series? since the price difference about 30-40, but of course from benchmarking sites show that HD6870 better.

    And for Intel build, anyone can give me a build that cost near same with the AMD builds?
    *(please show prices + link if available)

    Lets say "if" i go for AMD build, this will be my plan :

    Mobo : GA-990XA-UD3 or GA-990FXA-D3 (depends on stock availability)
    proc : (phenom II x2/x4/x6)
    GPU : HD6870 / HD 7770

    What will be the bottleneck in this build (using the i5-2500k / phenom II) with HD6870 / HD7770 ?

    Well basically i'm trying to make the prices as low as possible, but need an effective and efficient build
  6. I think, if you are planning to use your system for games mostly, then there will be no difference, between X6 and X4 for you.
    How about a 7850 with a great performance and efficiency? It should be on the market in about a week.
    I haven't checked recent prices, but a i5 2500K should be between 200 and 230 $ and you can find a P67 or a Z68 mobo for close to 100.
  7. A question to the moderators:
    Why I am not allowed to edit my messages?
  8. How about the default PSU supplied by the cooler master HAF 922? is it compatible, or i need to buy another one?

    If it's compatible, it can save a lot of money to spend on other things..
  9. If your trying to squeeze your £££ for maximum value get an X4. Games dont make use of X6 anyway.

    Phenom II's are getting scarcer as FX is meant to replace them. Look around for any X4 Black Edition (this means you can OC it easily).

    I use a X4 960T and a GA-990XA-UD3 motherboard. I got lucky and it unlocks to an X6. As an X6 it OC's easily to 3.89GHZ (as an X4 it can OC a bit further).

    The PSU should be compatible.

    As for the other questions - Patching FX does not make it much if at all better

    Some FX chips are cheaper than Phenom II (this isn't because AMD want to give you great value for money or a warm fuzzy feeling......)

    I cant comment on AMD GPU's as I am an Nvidia fanboy! As to bottleneck.... no

    Just be aware if you go Intel you cant use the motherboard you chose for the AMD. Intel motherboards with the same set of features as the AMD one you chose will cost more. A 2500k is the prime choice for gaming now but if your on a budget it will cost a fair bit more for the same features that the AMD will give you and to be honest in day to day use you wont see a massive difference.

    *edited for typos*
  10. If you have your heart set on AMD but need to stretch your money, get a Phenom II X4 Black Edition, the 970's can easily clock to 4.0Ghz or higher. You can skimp out on the 990FX and just go with a 990X board, their ~$50 USD cheaper and the only real difference is that SLI will run 8x/8x. Only recently are we finding that there is a slight advantage to 16x/16x, which means it'll be useful to have in another year or two but not in the immediate future.
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