Settings to Enable GTX 560 Ti [Skyrim]

GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 Ti
CPU: i5 2500K
ello, so I recently purchased Syrim and I've been having trouble running smoothly. I've measured the FPS to be about 7, yes 7, while in game. I've updated my drivers, and even optimized the settings for my graphics card in accordance to the official nvidia website. Noob question, but should i the HDMI cable connecting my PC and monitor attached to my GPU? it only has a slot for a mini HDMI and I do not have an appropriate adapter.
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  1. Then get a HDMI-Mini HDMI adapter. Simple.

    That's just onr of em. Plenty others to choose from.

    What's your PSU, RAM frequency and monitor resolution dude ?
  2. This means that skyrim is using your onboard GPU. It's impossible to get 7 fps with 560 ti without any problems. And your second question gives me an Idea of what problem yo have, you don't plug the monitor cable to the GPU (card) not the motherboard. If you plug it to the motherboard it will use the integrated or onboard graphics. If you can't plug it into the card, get yourself one adapter and you will be fine!

    Hope this helps and solve your problem. Have a good day :)
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