Windows 7 OEM pirated version from NEWEGG????


I just recently built a new gaming computer. After I installed Windows 7, I got a message that says "You may be a victim of software counterfeit". After I closed the message, I got all of the latest updates, and "POOF" the message never came back.
wtf? What should I do?
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  1. You probably just didn't have it activated, and now its fine.

    click start, right click computer, properties scroll down to activation if it say activated your fine. If not then activate it.
  2. You can download some software from microsoft which need to verify microsoft security essentials.. if it complete verify ... then you're safe...and that should not be the pirated version.... Do you activate you copy yet?
  3. Only one problem, I can't find the activation key. I don't think it came with one I never found it. :/
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    it would be on the sticker that came with the packaging. No ones fault but your own if you threw it away.

    You can't expect newegg to pay for your mistake.
    since its software I doubt they will anyway.

    looks like the sticker is on the back of the case @ 25secs in video
  6. Okay, after 10 minutes in the garbage, I found the Key.The sticker is actually on the wrapper and you have to put it on the case yourself. God, I feel like a dick lol.
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