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Hey guys,

I just installed a new mobo with my windows 7, and the sound mic volume is so low. with everything turned up i need to scream to even kind of hear myself on playback. I read this was an issue with windows 7 so what is the fix?

Mobo is ASrock 970 Extreme 3 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

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  1. Have you set the Mic Volume to 100% in the Sound properties (Levels Tab in the Mic Properties under the main Recording Tab)?
  2. Yea, that has been done, along with the boost.
  3. What do you mean "with everythig turned up"? Did you go into the Mic properties and adjust the levels there? Sound>Recording tab>make sure mic says working>click properties > Go to custom tab> Check or clear mic boost as needed> click Levels tab and adjust the slider as needed. Apply and ok/close.
  4. Yea popa, that was all done and I have done other little tricks that people did online, and nothing is working.
  5. ^ He's already done that, apparently. Although I just checked for myself (I'm just using a webcam mic ATM, but still), I don't have a "custom" tab or any mic boost option to select, which I find strange.
  6. I dont know, I dont have custom tab, but i do have a boost slider. Im really frustrated at this.
  7. Installed the drivers again, still no fix :(


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