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Well, due to some financial problems, I was unable to build on Feb 19th. I currently have a job and the $365 I will get as paycheck on the 16th will allow me to have enough $ to build my PC. BF3 and Skyrim are going to be the most intensive games of the bunch I plan on playing. I could say all the games, but the build for BF3 and Skyrim should be able to play those other games as well.

Without further ado, here is my build:

Approximate Purchase Date: This Month

Budget Range: $1800 (this budget includes the games BF3, Skyrim, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and DBZ Ultimate Battle 22, unless you convince me otherwise)

System Usage from Most to Least Important:

Parts Not Required: OS & KB/Mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,,,

Country: USA (Dallas, TX)

Parts Preferences: Intel and AMD GPU

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Crossfire at a later date

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: $1104
Hyper 212 EVO $30
WD Caviar Blue 500GB $88
Intel Core i5-2500k (will be $195 after tax)
Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23" e-IPS Panel Monitor $240 (NOT changing, sorry)

What do you all think?
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    Pretty good except for the ram. I like Mushkin very much but with those other components it seems like a good idea to get gaming ram too. There are lots of high quality 8GB kits for not much more than you have listed there. I'd look at Mushkin Blackline or redline.

    Other than that it looks pretty good. GL.
  2. I've never heard of gaming RAM before. I only changed mine because someone else suggested it to another gaming build. :P
  3. hello op,

    i cannot open the link as i am on mobile. Can u please post the list with price in plain letters:D

    by the way here should be ur build

    intel i5 2500k
    asus p8z68 lx mobo or asrock z68 pro gen3
    sapphire hd 7950 oc edition
    gskill rgpjaws 2x4gb 1600gb
    noctua NH-D14
    seasonic x 850 80+gold
    samsung spinpoint f3 500gb 7200rpm
    samsung 830 120 gb ssd

    total will be around 1200-1300 usd or may be less.these price are average and no rebates:D

    the monitor u choose is best:D
  4. That makes my total $1770 and I don't get to have any games.
  5. my build can :D
  6. azeem40 said:
    That makes my total $1770 and I don't get to have any games.

    So you finally getting around to building that PC? Sounds good.

    Hey, I didn't know you were from Dallas. Wow.

    I was born in Parkland hospital, and grew up in Garland. Small world, eh?
  7. i5 2500k
    msi z68a-gd80 g3 (189.99$ after rebate) or go with asrock extreme 4 gen3 or e3g3
    cm hyper 212 evo
    msi gtx560ti 1gb/209.99$ after rebate in sli
    g.skill ripjaws x 8gb (2x4gb) 1600mhz cl9
    seasonic x850 850w 80plus gold
    seagate barracuda 500gb 7200rpm

    check out my post here

    thats a total of 1247.92$ before rebate removing the 2nd gtx560ti and the SSD

    and it can go even lower before rebate after you change the 1TB western digital caviar black to 500GB of seagate barracuda

    ok over all
    removing 2nd gpu and SSD
    1247.92$ before rebate> 1217.92$ after rebate

    and that is already a powerful build oh and of course if you won't need the 2nd gpu you can also even lower it some more by using a 620w 80plus bronze from seasonic, and of course if you plan to sli/crossfire in the future you can keep that psu

    and since you like the AMD cards i suggest this

    at 169.99$>159.99% after rebate
    Sapphire HD 6870 1GB

    this would even lower the total price so you can go grab your self some nice games
  8. oh i forgot to add on my build since its an i7 2600k you can even go down to the i5 2500k with so many dollars to spare ^__^ i hope that helps
  9. @i5 2500K=224.99$
    @Asus mobo z68=189.99$
    @g.skill ram=46.99$
    @6870 1gb gpu=169.99$>159.99$ after rebate (339.98$ dual before rebate> 319.98$ dual after rebate)
    @seasonic 850w 80+gold=210.99$(for dual gpu)/seasonic 620w 80+ bronze = 89.99$ (if you run single gpu)
    @seagate barracuda 500gb 7200rpm=94.99$
    @antec 300 case=59.99$
    @cm hyper 212 evo=34.99$

    @single gpu+620w= 911.92$ before rebate>901.92$ after rebate
    @Single GPU+850w=1032.92# before rebate>1022.92$ after rebate
    @dual gpu+820w=1202.91$ before rebate> 1182.91$ after rebate

    you can go this route too if you don't like the 1TB HDD but i do suggest my 1st build above but you can move to an i5 2500K and the AMD HD 6870 1GB GPU

    but hey its your call
  10. hey tova,
    560ti sli isn't a good idea.more power consumption,more heat and other issues.
    x 850w gold is good but very expensive.
    still many things to point out in your build.
    over all not a great build :(
    do some more research or check out mine ;)
  11. actually i did and use the same one except i had a i5 2500K, same psu same everything besides ths cpu cooler and the case oh and using seagate 1tb and on my other a wdcb 1tb like what is above

    well i use 3960x right now as my gaming/work station system but well for his budget i think it's a great combo and didn't have any problems with anything else, and if you look at the i7 2600K,

    removing the 2nd gpu + ssd
    1247.92$ before rebate> 1217.92$ after rebate

    would also go lower if changing i7 2600k to 95 2500K, and that is using western digital caviar black 1tb

    well i say for the price you get performance you pay for it, but i do say there are alot of cheaper motherboards in newegg, well i don't have experience with most of those, since i've only used msi/asus and some asrock mobo's tested and tried, but well he can find some good deal for psu and if he doesn't like 80+ gold he can go for 80+ bronze/silver it's his call, but in my opinion i like the gold part, (only used 80plus gold on my system and 3 80plus bronze) and all are corsair/seasonic

    actually now that you mentioned it i remember having this mobo asrock extreme 3 gen 3 and the extreme 4 gen 3 or was it 4 something mobo, and it worked well with my other i5 2400 and 2500k

    i can also recommend some corsair tx 850w or the tx750 they are much cheaper just in case ts wants to reduce more on the budget,

    well i actually don't do research on the net i only recommend parts to which i have and tested on my different systems, since i'm more the type test and see with my own eyes. but its just me >.<

    currently i'm looking to buying antec and xfx and pc p&c psu and see how nicely they work, have some friends who has them and tested it and they work nice but i still wanted to have my own parts.

    i also do recommend some 1333Mhz ram since its just pure gaming either way, its a few dollars cheaper if ts also want to go much lower, there are also some nice p67 mobo's out there but the one i have here are similar in price with the asus mobo i put above in the link (after rebate) so no point getting that one since z68 offers more stuff but there are other cheaper p67 mobos, but haven't tried those yet
  12. reason why im trying to stay at the 1000-1280$ budget is because of this

    Budget Range: $1800 (this budget includes the games BF3, Skyrim, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and DBZ Ultimate Battle 22, unless you convince me otherwise)

    unless he really wants a kick ass pc and ditch the games included in the budget, then we can really talk for some great gaming,

    actually with 1800 you can already build a nice x79 lga 2011 system using 3930K, most likely going with single or dual gtx570 or the 560ti 448 with some nice case,

    actually the gtx560ti is great for its price, it may run hot but it depends on the case and the room temp, and how far he wanna overclock it, i have it in sli on my lanboy @stock clock, with an oc i5 2500k @4.5Ghz, everything is cool, and same on my haf X and on my phantom, well i have nice room temp due to multiple aircons and house fans (over clocking or intense test), and well it seems cool on my antec 300 too, (that is to say on normal usage of net browsing and gaming)

    and well i believe he can get some better deals at microcenter which can help, i don't really look there but i'll go check
  13. PCgamer81 said:
    So you finally getting around to building that PC? Sounds good.

    Hey, I didn't know you were from Dallas. Wow.

    I was born in Parkland hospital, and grew up in Garland. Small world, eh?

    I would have built sooner, but my parents needed some $.

    Oh, and @ Nova, I plan on running an eyefinity setup in the future, so I am sticking with AMD. Thanks for the rest of the build though.

    Any more suggestions?
  14. hellfire24 said:

    Oh, I forgot something. I should have put that I am not changing the monitor. :P
  15. as your wish but trust me that monitor is very good for gaming.
  16. I have read enough reviews and personal experiences and feedback on the monitor and I was impressed. I agree Dell's OTHER products are overpriced and not worth it, but their monitors are one of the best in the monitor business. So I am keeping it.

    Are there any other build suggestions or should I finalize it?
  17. you should finalize that other things are good!
  18. why don't you get 2500k from micro center? its $180!
    and don't forget to give that gpu a nice overclock ;)
  19. all the best ;)
    post pics if possible.
  20. I am getting the CPU at Microcenter. It is $195 after taxes.
  21. oh! i hate taxes!
  22. Thanks for all your help hellfire. I think I will go with the build on my second to last post, unless someone has alternatives?
  23. change ram to-
    1600mhz.anything above is useless.heatsinks are short,good price and high quality.
  24. Oh, my RAM was above 1600 MHz?
  25. no it was less,1333 mhz.
  26. I have read that 1333 MHz is good enough. What difference will I see from 1333 and 1600?
  27. no but 1600 is 'most preferred' speed.
  28. What difference will I see between the two speeds?
  29. I guess you're right. If the difference in price is marginal, I might as well. :P
  30. PS: I am building hopefully on March 23rd, the day I get my paycheck.
  31. All the best ;)
  32. azeem40 said:
    PS: I am building hopefully on March 23rd, the day I get my paycheck.


    What part of Dallas are you from?
  33. I am from Frisco TX. :P
  34. hay wazzup PCgamer81?have you changed your case?
  35. azeem40 said:
    I am from Frisco TX. :P

    Frisco! Awesome.

    I am from Garland. But I have lived in McKinney (Collin county).

    I live in Ohio now, but I have family in Fort Worth and a brother in Lewisville.
  36. hellfire24 said:
    hay wazzup PCgamer81?have you changed your case?

    Not yet, but I may have to. I may have to switch out my motherboard as well.

    If any of you guys could help out, I would appreciate it.
  37. Best answer selected by azeem40.
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