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Eyefinity w/2 Monitors - How do I create two distinct work spaces?


I recently tried plugging in a second monitor to my Radeon 6770, and I'm pleased to say that both are working fine. However, I've been unable to find a specific setting in the Vision Engine Control Center for creating two distinct work spaces.

I use my PC for gaming and work, and simply want to have separate copies of a regular, single monitor desktop displaying on each screen, with one playing my games full screen on normal single monitor resolution (as eyefinity with 2 monitors is pointless for an MMO), and the other displaying my browser and word documents on normal single monitor resolution as well, as if I were running two separate PCs side by side, each with its own function.

Playing around with the settings has only yielded either 1) duplicate desktops, which I obviously don't want, or 2) eyefinity continuity, which is also useless for me. How do I allow for each monitor to retain its independence? Thanks.
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    do it from windows, not the GPU driver. rt click, screen resolution, extend desktop.
    You will have to play windowed mode to do both gaming and desktop work at the same time (use to do it all the time while mining in EVE), but otherwise the primary will be good for games, and the 2nd will be good for desktop apps.
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