Suggestions on a gaming pc that can power through with recording software.

So I've been stuck lately looking for a PC thats under 900 dollars (if possible) that can running games such as star wars old republic and minecraft, while recording software is running. It currently takes my computer 3 hours to render one ten minute video. So i'd like a computer to severely cut that time down. I've never built a pc before so i highly doubt I'll be any good at it, but I've heard you guys are the best at solving these issues. I'd like to use it for other things as well aside from gaming like graphic design programs include the Adobe CS5 Collection. Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated!

Some specs that I'd like to be included:

2 terabyte hard drive
8-16 gb memory
cooling fans with noise reduction.
Above average audio quality.
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  1. i7 pref or i5
    name brand "generic" style ram to save $
    avoid large single drives, get two smaller ones for reliability
    use 120mm fans on low with good airflow case.

    you will want to read some of the other posts here for ideas and shop on newegg/other for ideas. its easier for us to say yay/nay to parts then to do all the work for you.
  2. Yea and also if you can wait another 2 weeks. NVIDIA kepler is gonna be out. AMD Radeons are out now but we won't know which is better to get until Kepler gets here
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