Dad's PC wont Turn on

My dad PC doesnt Turn on. I bought a new PSU 2 years ago and install it. It still will not turn on, so i had my cousin come over today and we took a look at it.

we tested the PSU we just hook up the fans and turn on the PSU and the Fans Kick on.

So we plug the PSU back to the MOBO. We unplug the Power Switch Cause we thought the Case Switch was bad. So we try jumping it from the board to turn on.

It Did nothing still. so we are Stuck!!!!!!

Tomorrow i am going to remove everything and just have the RAM CPU PSU and GPU installed. see what happens but i wanted to see what your guys might think it could be.

The PC was build in like 98. *** still has a floppy Drive hahaha but it stop working like 2 years after that. so no one has never look at it since then.
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    I think dad needs a new computer.

    But, maybe the MOBO died? I doubt he left it on during an electric storm since the PSU works.
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