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I'm looking to buy a faster desktop computer primarily for rendering in Cinema 4d. I have a budget between $600-$800. I'm inexperienced with hardware so I'd rather buy a pre-built one then try to build one myself.

I'm confused on whether to go with a higher number of cores or to just get a good quad core. Also I don't know which cores are better than others, does it matter when it comes to the render speed?

I have a large render that I started while in college and need to finish it. When rendering on my macbook pro it takes 4 hours per frame and I still have 196 frames. I need something that can render it in an hour or less per frame.
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  1. Higher number of cores.

    C4D depends on what resolution and effects you have added to your project. For an example, it still takes me roughly 5-6 hours to render a 10 second clip. This is because I add Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field, and Motion Blur.

    This clip right here took my 4.5ghz i7-2600K 30 minutes to render:
  2. can it play crysis!
  3. Thanks amuffin
    I've just got ambient occlusion and a few textures with a lot of displacement, ones from the GSG texture kit. I would love to rid of some of the stuff to speed up the render but when I do the frames don't match with the ones I originally rendered.

    I have been looking at these two because of price
    This one is cheaper and has 6 cores but the Xeon is newer so I wondered if it would be better to get that.

    Your thoughts?
  4. Do you plan on playing any games? I recommend this one:
  5. For GSG texture kit, play with your reflection settings. You can make it look good with less render times!
  6. I don't do any gaming. I have all of the reflection turn to the minimum possible without it causing discontinuity in the frames.
    I can't view the newegg page you posted. It says try again later. I will check it later.
  7. Still not coming up. It looks like the link isn't complete. Could you repost the link.
  8. Actually, I would get this:
    You can customize it to your liking! It may seem like it's for gaming, but you can configure C4D with OpenGL to have Antialiasing, lighting, etc. during the work environment.
  9. I ended up going with that. Thanks
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