Case USB 3.0 connection options?

First off, I know I probably should have just gotten a case with USB 2.0, but I chose a cheaper method and am now paying for it. C'est la vie.

This is my case:

This is my mobo:

Everything's great, but the mobo doesn't have a header for the 20pin USUB 3.0 for the case.

I'm finding two routes, neither of which I've seen conclusions to:
1) Get an adapter to route the two USB 3.0 external ports on the back of the case, through the case, to the front ports
2) Get a 20pin male to 20pin male adapter, attach to a 20pin female to dual USB 3.0 Ports, and from there using 2 USB 2.0 to 5pin connectors

Specifics of each option:
1)Does this, or a derivative thereof, actually exist?
Pros: easy, would (hopefully) allow for USB 3.0 speeds
Cons: I've got to find the adapter, Closes 2 ports on the back, wires stick out (I wouldn't really mind), I don't know if it'll work
2) -> ->
Pros: not difficult, USB 3.0 are free in the back, no ugly wires sticking out
Cons: A lot of clutter, wouldn't have USB 3.0 speeds, I don't know if it'll work
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  1. i have seen people cable out the back to rear usb ports and connect them up to the front. as long as all the cables mesh up i dont see why it wouldnt work. you do lose the rear ports though. you could always just use a usb extension cable (fem to male cable really....) and run that along the side of your pc from the rear ports.

    you should be able to adapt 3.0 header from the case to a 2.0 mb. i've never done this before but it should be possible. it might even be as simple as letting the extra headers stick out not attached to anything on the plug. read the manuals. if you do need adapters its easy to hide wires. you would just tuck them up near the front panel ports.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    Just using USB extension cables wouldn't work--the cable to connect the mobo is a single 20pin (for 2 USB 3.0 ports), so I'd end up needing an adapter anyway.

    The fact that it's one big thing keeps it from fitting over a lot of the USB 2.0 (if not all) pins. The mobo has plastic "guides" around the pins.

    I found a 3rd option, which would honestly be the most convenient, but I haven't found it in stock anywhere.
    I can add a PCIe card:

    Btw, I'm still really new to this. Is the header the set of pins (on the mobo) or is it the thing that connects to it (usually at the end of cables)?
  3. I found and bought the PCIe card. I've got an empty PCIe slot anyway, and this way I make the most of USB 3.0.
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    i meant running a usb extension cable on the exterior of your pc. not as convenient as front ports but it makes them accesible.

    the ports on the actual motherboard are sometimes refered to as a header. at least in my circles.

    a pcie card should work.

    the end of a cable is normally called a connector, plug, or by the actual name of the connection type.
  5. Ahh, gotcha. Definitely another valid alternative. But ideally I just want the front ports to work.

    And thanks for clearing up my confusion on the header/connector thing. I appreciate it!
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