Problems of buying this graphics card without a box?

Im Think of either buying this graphics card used:

Or this one brand new

Which one do you recommend I buy? And is there any problems with buying this graphics card without its box and just the card on its own? I presume the 580 one is better but can someone confirm that for me?

Thank you for the assistance.
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  1. the 580 is better but have never heard of either of those company's
  2. Both are European distributed (mostly) and are very well respected brands. Gainward is known for some very fast video cards. In fact I still have a agp card of theirs in the closet on a very old P4 box. I bought it on ebay years ago. As I remember Gainward will honor the guarantee if it is still in effect. Get the latest drivers from the Nvid. site in either case.
  3. the 580 is the better video card, my concern would be with warranties and that sort of thing.
  4. That will be a tough choice for you because on one side you have a top of the line card at a really good price but it is used and you don't know the condition and how it was used.
    On the other side you have the next best card but it is brand new. The 580 is a better card then the 570 and I guess since it is being sold through Amazon and the other company that actually has it that it would come with a 30 day warrenty so that if it didn't work when you got it you could send it back.
    I think I would go with the 580 , because you can see the new price and the used price and how much of a difference there is.
  5. Here is Gainward USA warranty ( Ask the seller if they can provide original sales receipt. It has been my experience that if you have a problem, you can tell them it was a gift and they will know if it is in warranty by the serial number. I also think any Amazon purchase has some sort of buyer protection for maybe 30 days. I would get the 580. Usually the cards go bad very soon after you buy them new if they are factory bad. The other issue is was it abused through aggressive over clocking. If it is damaged you will know it within 30 days if you run a few bench marks on it to stress it out for testing. Aggressive OCing might shorten it's life but these cards are tough and you have to really cook them hard to hurt them. When that happens they just don't work any more. Which ever way you go you will have a good card.
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