Can my setup handle GTX 280


I have an Intel d945psn mobo running Pentium D 2.8ghz. 4GB of DDR2 3200.
all powered by antec 500watt psu

My current video card is ATI radeon 850xt.
Im getting back into gaming
no new games are supported due to lack of directx11
and shader support.

My friend is giving me his gtx 280. when he gets his new video card
Will the GTX 280 run on my computer?
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  1. yes it work fine!
  2. I own two gtx 280 right now and had a third but got ripped off as it was broken :/
    Any way you may get away with running it on that antec psu however the rest of your system will prove to be just to slow for the card to get the most out of it.
    This cards needs one 6 pin and one 8 pin power connector and at stock needs around 160-180w to run on it's own at stock. Overclocked it can take up to 240w. This card isn't for those who plug and forget as you can't leave them to slow roast. The gpu core on this is the largest that has ever sold at retail for a graphics card. There is one weakness of this card that royally sucks and its the chokes on this card. They tend to fail or not provide enough power for the gpu though out the life of the card.

    So I am suggesting if you have other options of getting something else go for it but if it is free or very very cheap then go for it. Overall it is very close to a stock gtx 460 in performance and will beat any Fermi era card in openGL. Just be sure to keep it clean and I run mine at 80%+ fan speed all the time to keep temps down.
  3. Wow Nforce very knowledgeable, it seems that the video card is overkill and will far under perform its capabilities in my setup. can you recommend an alternative video card that has just enough specs beyond my videocard to support shader 3.0 and direct x 11.
    I would love to drop 2k down on a complete new setup but funding isn't all there to allocate to a new computer.

    If no alternative i will stick to my battlefield 2142 LOL

  4. For your setup I suggest a cheap 6750/70. They are not power hogs and come with plenty of features.
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