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Hi, I'm wondering if a fan's static pressure matters on the intake side of the fan.

e.g. If the intake side of the fan is heavily obstructed, would a fan with a high static pressure help pull in more air compared to a fan with higher CFM?
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    When faced with flow restricion of any nature, a higher static pressure is desired over higher CFM. The unfortunate thing is static pressure isn't information available for comparison (at least that I've found anywhere) for most fans so it becomes more a hit or miss proposition if the fan provides enough static pressure to overcome the restrictions.
    I do know that in fan design, squirrel cage fans provide the highest static pressure, followed by "pancake" fans (modified squirrel cage), then open (or basic) fans.
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  3. Alright thanks man! Though it seems plenty of reviewers on the net these days do include tested static pressure benchmarks, so that's not much of a problem :)
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