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Need a Graphics Card

Ok well im back again this time for a graphics card. i have $160 preferably $130 to spend current specs as listed.

CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
Mobo - Biostar TA870U3+
Ram - 4GB DDR3 Ballistic Sport
HDD - 500GB Western Digital 7200rpm
Graphics - MSI N430GT Low Profile
Power Supply - Antec 480w Earthwatt 80 plus bronze

Suggested Card - MSI or EVGA / Nvidia but if AMD Has a better offer.

My Preference is Gaming. Not to intense games like skyrim on medium not big on graphics but just want a decent framerate.

Cards ive looked at

Radeon HD 6770 Twin Frozr

Asus 550ti

EVGA 550ti

As i said. not big on graphics but i want a decent framerate. Max Resolution is 1600 x 900. Preferred 1280 x 720 or 1280 x 800.
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    That EVGA is a good option. Buy the cheapest , performance is almost the same.
  2. gigabyte 550ti good and quiet fan
  3. get the 6770.

    the evga/not better and the warranty's have changed. "kr not ar"

    look for the 5770 to compare with the 550. the 6770 is a little faster.
  4. ok i got around to my budget. im awaiting to spend but my budget is gonna be set to around the $170 area. not gonna rebate stuff and shipping isnt needed. just $170 solid for the card and ill do the shipping. i found this card Radeon HD 6850 is this card any good?
  5. Ended up getting the ASUS ENGTX550Ti since the EVGA Was backordered. Thanks :)
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